We are working on augmented reality in surgery

Augmented Reality on uterine surgery

Augmented Reality on liver surgery

Augmented Reality on kidney surgery

We provide a plug and play Augmented Reality software suite for computer aided laparoscopic surgery. ​

Our software automatically displays the inner anatomical structures such as the tumours and vessels.


Our Augmented Reality system runs on dedicated hardware platform and is free of additional sensors. It can be connected directly to a standard monocular or 3D laparoscope or to a surgical robot.

  • Surgical optimization

    The target structures are easily and quickly spotted, saving surgical time.

  • Surgical safety

    The sensitive structures are spared and tumours are not left behind.

  • Surgical accuracy

    The resection's margins are visualised on the organ's surface and precisely respected.

SURGAR's solution in action

We create a Digital Twin and fuse it with the surgical view in real time.